The All-Star Game That Won’t End

N.Y. This the longest All-Star Game ever, by time of game, and it has matched the longest in terms of innings, with 15. Things are getting a little weird, safe to say. Scott Kazmir is the last available pitcher for the A.L., and the Rays didn’t even want him to pitch. A little while ago, Lou Piniella tossed a Gatorade bottle to a fan. Lots of All-Stars are dressed and gone. Many of the fans have left, too. Dan Uggla has three errors, of course. He also has three strikeouts and has grounded into a double play. Probably the worst night any player’s ever had in the All-Star Game. Nate McLouth’s throw to Russell Martin, with the game in the balance in the 11th inning, was the play of the night so far. McLouth is still at bat,” Hall was forced to say. Hall also mispronounced the name of Justin Duchscherer and misidentified Ryan Braun during one of his at-bats. Meanwhile, everyone has played in this game except Tim Lincecum, who was treated at a hospital Tuesday for flu and de...
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16.7.08 10:14

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